LSD Blotter 200ug


LSD Blotter 200ug  (Acid)

Minimum Order ( 100 Pieces )

Delivery Time:
USA and Canada: 4 to 24 hours
International Delivery: 1 to 2 Days

  • 100 pieces
  • 200 Pieces
  • 300 Pieces
  • 500 Pieces
  • 1000 Pieces


Purchase LSD blotters  from Narco Traders your legit LSD suppliers

Do you want to purchase LSD blotters ? We are legit LSD Suppliers With Quality LSD Tabs for sale : Apart from its liquid form, LSD is usually found on “blotter” paper (paper that is perforated into small squares). The squares or “tabs” may be colored or have images printed on them. Buy LSD Online now It is a recreational drug, manufactured from lysergic acid which is found in ergot, a fungus that grows on rye and other grains, same way cocaine is produced from coca leaves.

Purchase LSD Blotters For sale online

The effects of LSD are unpredictable and occur based on factors such as on the amount consumed by the user. It alters the user’s personality, mood, expectations and the surroundings in which the drug is used. The physical effects include dilated pupils, higher body temperature, increased heart rate, and blood pressure, and many other common effects like anxiety disorders and more


How to Purchase Lsd Blotters  And Other Recreational Drugs

Have you been looking for where to purchase Lsd blotters online anonymously ? then you are at the best online store were we make the purchase of Lsd blotter easy and safe. In order for you to purchase lsd blotter (sheets) from us, simply send us your inquiry via our email and we will get get back to you within asap with all you need to know in order for you to place your order for blotter

What is LSD?

Where To Buy LSD Online   LSD Legit Supplier 

Historical note

You need to know that Since its invention, LSD was widely used in medicine for psychiatric purposes, as it demonstrated high efficiency in treating a variety of mental disorders, mainly schizophrenia. Medical professionals were extremely hopeful of the remedy. Purchase LSD Blotters Online

The situation changed drastically during the last decades. An opportunity to purchase LSD blotters online free caused a boom, especially with young people actively looking where to buy LSD tabs for sale and how to buy LSD Online for sale. So the drug’s use could not be kept under control any more. After professional and government discussions and debates on both national and international levels, it was decided to ban the LSD use even for medical purposes.

Purchase LSD Blotters Online   LSD Legit Supplier , LSD Tabs for sale

Lsd blotters For sale Online in Brisbane and Australia
Lsd blotters For Sale Online In Gold Coast-Tweed Heads, Australia

What is LSD? Where To Purchase LSD Blotters Online   LSD Legit Supplier , LSD Tabs for sale

What is LSD? Where To Buy LSD Blotters Online   LSD Legit Supplier , LSD Tabs for sale

What is LSD? Where To Buy LSD Online   LSD Legit Supplier , LSD Tabs for sale

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100 pieces, 200 Pieces, 300 Pieces, 500 Pieces, 1000 Pieces


  1. Dawson JR

    Need ten star for their service! I will come again. Thank you so much.

    • Lavallie Virginia S

      Yeah you are right, cause since i meet this guys, i have never ran out of supply all i need is make an order and the be at my location in 4 hours tops..

  2. Erminio Lucchesi

    This was my first order at a website like this. My local dealer quit selling, sooo I needed a new dealer. A friend of mine said they have the best acid, so i tried it. And man, this IS the best acid out there. I will definitely order there again.

  3. Amy Love96

    Do you ship to Spain?

  4. Tristan M. Clausen

    They did not ship my acid themselves, but they arranged for shipment and all went very smooth. Pickup and delivery was right on time.

  5. Zero Hate

    Love Acid

    • Belly Jungie

      Am married to acid, so stop loving my bitch

    • Kiki Love

      But not more than me

  6. R. Brookman

    i just love acid so much and this guys always make sure i get shit on time

  7. Sadsoul mary

    I ordered 300ug and received 200ug instead

  8. Jesper Lajeunesse

    my package arrived

    • Fredrick 99

      My Package also showed up, but not what i ordered for. i paid for 300ug tabs and got 200ug tabs instead, i reported the problem to the manager and he sent me another sheet of 100ug tabs

    • Wilson Tia

      Mine Too, I was scared at first but tried and they proved me wrong

  9. West Morgan

    I ordered for 100 pieces and got 90 instead, you guys owe me 10 pieces so on my next order i will be expert to have my 10 pieces

  10. Emil C. Bech

    Thanks its Emil from TX , my pack came thru

  11. Marie S. Cherry

    Yeah they are good cos they have refunded the extra i paid for express delivery.

  12. Vickie Elmore

    For me acid is the best spacy travel drug, i always pray the trip dont stop thats why i prefer the 500ug tabs from the 200ug tabs

    • Jane J

      I prefer the 200ug tabs cause they are cheaper

  13. Loveren Hans

    safer than most dealers on the street

  14. Darcy Foott

    it been 60 years since i took acid, but when i meet this guys i had to try some, and it was worth it

  15. Walters Nancky

    This 500ug blotters are much more preferable to the 200ug blotters, since i tried the 500ug blotters about a year ago, i have sticked to them like glue

  16. Keeps Lee

    Didn’t know you guys would actually have my package delivered cause of the rate of scams out here on the Internet but now i know, they are always real people no matter how fake the world is becoming this days

  17. Sabine

    lots of choices, easy to order and quick to deliver. Yummy for my tummy – especially since I can get things simply not available in the streets in Germany 🙂

  18. Carol Wilson

    Always a pleasure to deal with you

  19. Paul M

    Good service and a very good customer care service

  20. David G

    I enjoyed looking at all the items you stock that I haven’t seen since leaving the States. It was very easy to shop on your website and thank you for that

  21. Darrel

    Very good Food and fast shipping

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    Great service super quick delivery really happy with the service you provided.

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    Great products.

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    It’s great to be able to buy the goods that my friends and myself enjoy, remembering our holidays to the states.

  27. Heather B

    By delivering the tabs and shrooms I can’t get ordinarily in the UK

  28. Sami

    Nice products and reasonably priced and the packaging was good too

  29. Markus

    Fast delivery and good quality very pleased

  30. Abel B

    Everything that I miss from the US is available from Narco Traders. The prices are good and delivery is very fast.

  31. Jackie Punch

    I have been an Lsd junkie for over 40 years now. My local dealer passed away 2 weeks ago then i meet this guys . their prices are good and they have never failed on a delivery since i started dealing with them

  32. Shelly R

    Quick shipment, great choices… the only problem was in the final order I tried to order a bigger quantity, but the system always went back to the original quantity.

  33. Shauna

    Everything came perfectly
    And was delivered so quickly xxx

  34. Richardson

    Very quick delivery – great range of products

  35. Emily W

    As usual amazing service and fabulous product my stop to get anything American/Canadian to make me feel as if I am back living on the other side of the pond as it were! Thank you from a very happy customer!!

  36. Rohan

    Which papers do you have ?

  37. Victoria

    Smooth ordering, quick delivery. Always come here for my sweet

  38. Allen St-arson

    Thanks So much my package finally , i have been searching for a reliable dealer for a while now.

  39. Jennifer

    Variety of products is very good

  40. Victoria N

    Very happy! Super fast delivery as the item was in stock.
    First order did take over 1 weeks but the item wasn’t in stock but the communication was good from the customer service team

  41. Leigh Gerhardt

    I miss my favorite products from my stay in America and here I found an awesome shop where I can always order my favorites!
    Love it!

  42. Julie

    I got a g of white and some bars for my boyfriends birthday and I am very pleased. I paid for next day delievery and it was on time and I had no problems. I will certainly be repurchasing and recommending to friends.

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    i have been buying from you guys now for over 6 months and have never gotten a discount. hope you guys give me a discount on my next order

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    Initial issue with the payment processing of my order meant I had to chase it up, but once I had, it was dealt with quickly and shipped within a few days.

  50. kenneth Lamar

    if place a order today when should I expect to get it?

  51. Amanda Nash

    Really happy

  52. Elena M

    Only disappointment is that I requested next day delievery and it took 2 days.

  53. Walker Miaz

    Had my parcel delivered to me here in London Uk, at first thought it was not possible but this guys are the real deal


    It carries some of the American goodies that I really miss living here in England

  55. Thorsten E

    Sehr ich liebe amerikanische Lebensmittel würde immer wieder bestellen

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    on my next order i will get two full shits if that will be possible. Which to sale in my home town cause we hardly see acid around here. and thanks for my package arrived on time as promised

  64. Angela A

    Excellent service
    Prompt delivery which I was kept informed about by e-mail

  65. Maggie Pitt

    Very happy with order, I’m addicted to Acid so was happy to find them, also delivery is super quick, thanks for feeding my addiction hahaha

  66. Rameesh CP

    Hi ,
    Can i order at one time 25 sheets . its possible to delivery for India . And how much safe is this delivery.

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    I was happy with the website and shipping time. Pricing could have been better

  73. T. Robinson

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    Finally got my package, Will order a larger amount this week

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    Placed my order on Monday and received it on Wednesday in the UK. Great service and quick turn around.

  83. Ramsey

    It’s ok for me, i loved it

  84. Margarita

    Since my visit to the states I have been craving Acid tabs, I was so happy to find it on this site

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    great selection to choose from tasted really nice great product!

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    Very well packaged goods received in good time with excellent on-going order and delivery progress updates.

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    i love the american goodies , but they are very expensive 🙁

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    My girlfriend who is going to school in England was happy to be able to get some of the American goodies she was missing.

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    Excellent service and delivery **

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    I ordered for 100 blotters for my first order, it came through as promise and have been a regular customer with them ever since

  91. Kjones MB

    You guys are the best cause since saw your site online, I have made soo much money from retails. since we don’t have too many dealers in my city am the only one the come to for good quality LSD

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    Good range of products and quick delivery.

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    From Germany and finally my package arrived today, the quality is good you hardly fine stuff like this over here

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    Can I get a discount on my next order @Jamiesons

  99. Rawlins

    Their Delivery system is fucked up, I received my package 6 days

  100. Kalyn **

    I ordered. Two products online and both got sent to different house. I’m super madoff now.the drivers gets paid $100 per hour and they never do they’re job

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    Postage to Ireland seems a bit slow considering high postage fee

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    Can get my favorites on this site. Won’t have to load up the suitcase with everything when I visit the friends!

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    They Delivered the products correctly and the pricing was not bad considering I could not find it here in the UK…

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    Service is good, as are their products that I have bought. I find their response to on line enquiries to be in the top tier, faultless in my experience.

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    Very informative! Quick delivery! Well packaged! 100% genuine products. I will definitely order more

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    Everything is great – thank you

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    choice of products are good.

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    You have great stuffs

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    You have products that we like and you deliver to Ireland very quickly. Thanks!

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    They supply things not available in every the streets. Things that remind me of happier times

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    Ordered on 21st june, and got it on the 24 here in Germany

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    I was pleased to find a place i could buy from the United Kingdom

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    Very happy with my order x thks

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    as an American living in Germany, I enjoy knowing I can get some of my favorite products here.

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