MDMA Crystals


MDMA Crystals

Minimum Order ( 3 Grams )

Delivery Time:
USA and Canada: 4 to 24 hours
International Delivery: 1 to 2 Days

  • 3 Grams
  • 8 grams
  • 15 Grams
  • 1 Ounce
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3 Grams, 8 grams, 15 Grams, 1 Ounce


  1. Pico Carilio

    This service is good and product quality is as good as what they said.

  2. Alen Shilk

    I live in Vietnam, so it’s very uncommon that someone delivers drugs to my country. I read on the knowledgebase from them, that they deliver worldwide, so I tried. The package arrived very fast. After all I can recommend buying there. I hope they’ll stay that good. 🙂

  3. Trerali Willis

    Its the 3. time now, I bought from them. The products are very solid and good. I can say its better than my local dealer, because you can order there with a night express shipping.

  4. Kharim Aldah

    At first I had some struggle with the payment, but the support helped me. The support replies very fast and is very very helpful. After all I got my money and I am happy that I tried it out.

  5. Giggy Willis

    I am very happy for your service performance. It was really good.

  6. Lusy Mitch

    The products that arrived were excellent. They came to me within 5 days of ordering and I love the crystals especially. Excited for my next shipment.

  7. William Stoned

    Awesome experience with them.And all the positive reviews about this company is right because they served me well.

  8. CEki DAli

    So nice to be able to call centre,and not have to do it online, like the other sites !

  9. Stacy Nevis

    Been using the Mdma for 2 weeks, my sleep has improved and do not wake during the night. Really surprised how much this has helped me, can not recommend it enough.

  10. Charles Baves

    It really works. I was skeptical at first.

  11. Henry Freeman

    Just moved to china, and was wondering if you could still deliver to me and hope the quality haven’t changed from last time

  12. Carlos MJ

    best quality and fair prices too

  13. Kingsman

    Do you guys Ship to France? i wanted half a pound as soon as possible

  14. Pman

    good quality and fast service!

  15. Heike

    I was happy to get the thinge so fast thank you very must

  16. Phil lesh

    I saw someone say they “slept really well after the ,x-mdma …….Good grief i hope thats not par.I want trippin’ rollin’ balls.hard….;-)

  17. Natasha

    Great and very fast service. Thank you

  18. Shindy A

    Fast delivery and on a Sunday which I did not expected love

  19. Yvonne

    Love the stuff the quality and the prices

  20. Pointer

    I will be ordering again .
    Very reliable firm.

  21. Louise

    My friends loved the sweets ipuchessed from u. thank u

  22. Sarah

    I found the packaging was very good and it came in time.

  23. Andrea

    This is a great place to get the beloved goodies that you might have encountered during a holiday in USA

  24. Carmen

    This site is excellent would recommend to anyone

  25. Rebecca

    I love getting all the American Sweets i love from Narco Traders. They have an affordable,realistic postage price which makes them the best place to restock all the american goodies were missing ;-)”

  26. Helen

    Appropriate delivery and time good service

  27. Jukk


  28. Claire

    Will ordering from them again very soon, great service.

  29. Patricia

    From ordering to receiving my items the service was good and I was kept informed along the way, thanks.

  30. Vanda

    everything arrived on time and perfect.
    thank you.

  31. Kari Brinch

    Easy ordering process although quite a lot of items were out of stock.

  32. Marvin

    Fast and safe shipping and the prices are good.

  33. Jodie

    Great! Quick delivery with secure packaging and sensible prices for most things!

  34. Laura

    Quick delivery. Competitive price. Was kept informed of the progress of my order.

  35. Linda

    I Like the products that they do and the very quick delivery service I have had no trouble

  36. Brandon

    Very happy with the product. arrived on time and overal a good experience with comfortable prices and a good range of products

  37. Craig Carter

    Was fast service

  38. Julie Lacey

    Narco Traders is awesome!! I love getting stuff delivered from them!!!!

  39. Ashley

    Good website fast delivery fare prices have used a lot

  40. Jeff

    Very good service. Ordered items from the easy to navigate website.

  41. Egglestone

    Excellent choice of products at good prices. Really enjoying the things I bought will be buying again.

  42. Megan

    I completely adore the things I get from Narco Traders, always delivered on time and always great.

  43. Jason

    Great products at a great price. But would love to see more products available.

  44. Carnie

    Took a week to arrive but everything was in great condition and such a wonderful selection of products

  45. Rachel

    All of my sweets and items were packaged safely and made it to me in one piece, I am very pleased with my order and will be ordering some more soon

  46. Aiden

    All very nice but a little to dear for me

  47. Andreas

    I like to buy candys by your site because you have really much sweets from

  48. Sven

    Easy to order. Very quick delivery.

  49. Amanda

    When I needed to speak to someone the phone was answered immediately and the person I spoke to was able to sort my query straight away.
    I will definitely use Narco Traders again.
    Thank you!

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